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 Cannon Adventure Rules and Information (WIP)

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The Lady in Pink
The Lady in Pink

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PostSubject: Cannon Adventure Rules and Information (WIP)   Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:30 pm

Cannon Section Information:
The Rules:
*Please note some rules from the other roleplaying sections may not apply here while others may apply exclusively here.
1. All rules for the General Site apply here as well.
2. Role Plays cannot begin until the Creator deems enough of the necessary roles (I.E., the main characters) have been filled and there are at least two people participating.

  • Creators and Players may assume multiple roles or share roles for this sake but must also be willing to give up extra roles if a new player comes along and shows interest.

3. Creators and Players:  No Out of Character (OOC) talk within the actual Role Play(s.)

  • Creators, please make sure to create a corresponding OOC topic for your Role Play in the OOC section for this purpose.

4. Creators and Players: Each post must contain a minimum of about* 100 words.

  • ”About” means that occasional writer’s block is understandable however, the average should still be around 100 words[/li]
  • This help prevents one-liners and allows other players to build off from your post.

5. Creators and Players: Keep your posts at PG13-friendly level.

  • This means: No overly excessive language or gratuitous violence, especially if it is beyond the scope of the cannon you are playing to.
  • No 18+ Role Plays are allowed.

6. Creators and Players: No double posting, please and please also allow other players to post after you have.

  • Creators may establish a posting order but keep in mind: it may not apply to every scene.
  • In the event no one has posted in a week you may either skip someone in the posting order, if applicable, or post a “bump” to continue on the Role Play.

 7. Creators and Players: If you will be gone for a while please let your fellow players know in order to preserve your Role Play. 

8. The Cannon Section is primarily for Cannon Characters only.

  • Original characters belong in the Fantasy Section and Fan Characters belong in the Fannon Section.[/li]
  • If the Role Play is to act as  a “new season” of a cannon series and requires a new character to be introduced to take the role of a new villain then a OC or FC will be allowed however they are a shared role that all players must agree on.[/li]
  • Creators: You may create a story that introduces a manga-exclusive character to their respective anime, etc. but the overall story must still adhere to its respective cannon, be it the Anime, the Manga, the Game, the movie, etc.

9. Creators and Players:  Godmodding and Metagaming are not allowed.

  • Godmodding in this case refers to using other players' characters without permission.
  • Meta Gaming in this case refers to allowing your character(s) know about events that have not occurred yet or are not yet aware of. (I.E.: Using out of game information.)
  • If it becomes necessary to move someone else’s character in a specific way for the sake of the plot/story, (I.E., they are on a leave of absence) you may but make sure that they are aware of this and/or why

10. Creators may make a list of additional Cannon-Specific rules to their Role Plays if they wish or if it is needed, but they must be within reason and still adhere to the rules of the section. 

I, Sailor, have a right to make changes to the rules if necessary.
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Cannon Adventure Rules and Information (WIP)

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