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 Magical Girl MMORPG

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The Heavenly Queen
The Heavenly Queen

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PostSubject: Magical Girl MMORPG    Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:41 pm

Magical Girl MMORPG (MGMMORPG for short) is an online magical girl roleplaying game. Players must protect the world of Voada from an evil organisation called Lucca. Players can go solo or form a team of five or become a guardian or a knight.

The Plot:

A group of friends have recently gotten into MGMMORPG. They spend their weekends playing the game together and form a strong friendship despite not meeting in real life. One day they each receive a letter from the company who made the game. The letter informs them that the top players are able to try out a device that puts them in the game! Each of the friends go to the company's headquarters. They are excited to meet each other for the first time and try out this new device! On the day they arrive at the company headquarters, they are greeted by the man who created the device. Each try out and unfortunately things go wrong! The friends find themselves stuck inside the game. Now they must figure their way out or call Voada their new home!

1. This roleplay is meant to be ongoing. Basically it will only end when everyone agrees it's time to end it.
We will create arcs to follow. So it will be awhile until we get to the meat of the plot!

2. Players can be a magical girl, a magical boy, a guardian or a knight (a supportive male lead like Tuxedo Mask). Players can decide to even play as their opposite gender. 

3. Profiles must include information about their character and their character's in game character. 

4.  This is roleplay is suppose to be laid back. However please keep posts decent enough for other players to play off of!

5. Out game life roleplay is allow. Example you may write about your character's daily life. We can have the friends talk on skype as well. 

6. Lucca characters will be NPC. 

7. Have fun!!!! 

1. The friends meeting each other and forming their team. They are all noobs to the game at this point.


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The Heavenly Queen
The Heavenly Queen

Posts : 428
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Age : 28
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PostSubject: Re: Magical Girl MMORPG    Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:27 pm

Emma came into her dorm and threw her school bag onto her bed. Today was her long day of classes and she was so glad it was over. Emma sat down at her next and turned on her laptop. She a waited few minutes for the computer boot up. The start screen quickly went to the desktop screen and Emma hit the google chrome icon with her cursor. Google chrome loaded and she checked her email. Sadly nothing exciting. 

She then went to her favorite anime streaming site and started to watch some Sailor Moon. Emma was very happy that her roommate was still out. She could watch her show without her headphones on. Her roommate was a stuck up wanna be. Well to her she was one. As she was watching Sailor Moon Emma got on Steam to see if there were any neat games out.  As she surf through steam she saw a brand new free to play MMORPG. It featured magical girls!!! Emma loved magical girls! She quickly downloaded it and started it once. 

On the game loaded and it asked for her to create a username and a password first. She went with Rose Heart as her username. Emma loved flowers and nature. The rose was her favorite flower. Once she made an account the game had her create her character. 

Customize Characterization:
Magical Girl, guardian or knight?
Magical Girl

Male or Female?




Earth, plants

Weapon of choice:
Bow and Arrow

Emma then went through designing her character's human and magical girl appearances. She also made up her character's history. After creating her character, it asked her if she wanted to go solo or form a team. Emma sat there and wonder if she should try form a team. It would be nice to talk to other people and since it was a game she would have to keep in touch. She decided to be on a team. A window popped up saying it will assign her with random team members. Emma sat back in her chair waiting to meet her teammates.

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Gamer Goddess Among Men
Gamer Goddess Among Men

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PostSubject: Re: Magical Girl MMORPG    Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:58 am

Hana had waited for what seemed like hours for the game to download. She wanted to play this game so badly. Magical Girl Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MGMMORPG, had Hana's attention the moment the first commercial spots aired. She was hooked and she had yet to boot the game up. She worked for weeks to save the yen needed to pre order the game and now she had a copy in her hands and all that was let to do, was install and download the game.

Something that would take hours. Hana being a young teenaged girl, that was an eternity. She did her best to pass the time, her homework only took about 45 minuets, so she started dinner, sorted the laundry and practiced her violin. But even after that the game still hadn't downloaded completely, so Hana took to watching the download bar progress, slowly like turtles through peanut butter across the screen.


Hana's head shot up and imprint of the keyboard on her cheek. She had fallen asleep. She looked at her screen. "Welcome to MGMMORPG" The screen read. "Please create your Magical Girl." Excitement rushed through Hana as she created Kai, her Magical Girl. With a squee Hana sat back and looked at her handiwork before committing to such a nearly perfect character.

Hana hit start and waiting for the world of MGMMORPG to come to live on her computer screen.
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PostSubject: Re: Magical Girl MMORPG    Wed Jul 16, 2014 2:32 pm

"Are you still playing that stupid game Scotty?", it was Drake who had nearly the same way back from school. Scott was a "tiny" bit annoyed by that guy at the moment. Even if he usually would call him his best friend but it was hard to keep friendships like that one. When everything depends on your coolness, your money and your style it's not that easy to manage. But that was the only kind of friendship that Scott had ever discovered so he tried to keep a Pokerface: "Sure why not? I am only trolling dudes who think that I am actually a girl... ", "Geez that sounds boring... don't you wanna come to the skater park this afternoon with us, me and Bill?", only a few steps more and Drake had to take another path. "I'll think about it just note me in what's app. I'll answer later then. At first I need to check my Facebook page and then I wanna play a bit COD and WOW..", actually he usually never did any of these things but it was easier to lie if everybody's opinion was that those kind of things were the best. "Ah that sounds much better than trolling people in a god damm crack game...", answered Drake. "But just a few weeks ago we did the same on youtube... Do you remember jackass?", "Whatever... I gotta go now... See ya later..", Drake went left while Scott had to go right. "Thank goodness... sometimes spending time with him is really... exhausting..", Scott was talking to himself when he reached his giant apartment and opened the door. He went upstairs and sat down in front of his computer. He was sure that nobody could ever change his mind and make him go to the skater park today instead he wanted to spent his time with another funny thing. The Magical Girl MMORPG! He put on his headset and started the game instantly. He just started playing it because he was  fooling around with his gang and Drake but now he really enjoyed it. But he kept that a secret.  As he had already a character he just had to log in. Let's see what LollipopPoison can do today. He had to grin. His Magical boy character appearance was still pretty rare in that game so that he got a lot of strange glimpses. He decided to switch into "random-team"-mode today. A mode that allowed you to join a team of random players. He ended up in a team with a girl named Rose Heart and some other characters but Rose caught his attention the most.  "Hey are you new here?", her used the chat-function with his keyboard because he wanted to avoid questions about his real gender and his in game character, "Oh uhm I don't have a headset at the moment...", that was off course a lie since he was wearing one but... yeah... who actually cares? After all he was still a horrible person so there was nothing to worry about.

My friend and me want to cover this lovely song <3:

A German saying goes: Willst du Weisheit dir erjagen, lerne Wahrheit erst ertragen.
[size=13]English translation:
If you want to chase for wisdom you have to bear the truth first.
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Gamer Goddess Among Men
Gamer Goddess Among Men

Posts : 391
Join date : 2013-11-15
Age : 33
Location : Lost in the Labyrinth

PostSubject: Re: Magical Girl MMORPG    Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:55 pm

Hana threw her bags down by the door and kicked off her shoes and made her way to her computer. She slipped the headset on and booted her machine up. She had gotten ahead in school and managed to get the weekend free so she could play. She loved when she managed that. She logged in and let herself be transported to a world were her sister wasn't thinking of moving them across the world, or where they could barely afford to live, she could just be someone she created to hide behind like everyone else here.


Kai floated a little off the ground along the paths of the city looking for that blacksmith she was told about last time she was here. She needed her staff repaired and her sword needed cleaning. She also wanted to look at some new armor since she had finally leveled up.

"Where the hell is this place?" She thought to herself as she kept going looking for the shop. Finally she came across the place and was able to not only get her staff repaired but her sword cleaned and new armor for herself. She smiled as she left the building and headed to the filed, opting to join a random part since she didn't know anyone who played.

Her party consisted of several other girls as usual but also a magical boy this time. That was strange, while there were a few magical boys running around the game world most where girls, at least in game, there were a few old guys trolling for chicks around but they usually kept to the cities and stayed out of the field. Kai didn't bother talking to the guy, what was the point? She had been around the game since the beta, and she usually kept to herself in game. Unless you knew where to look Kai looked like any other character, her staff if someone knew what it was, was a dead give away that she was a Beta. Besides who would believe that a 14 year old girl in the real world had been picked to beta test this game?

"So what's the plan today Girls and guy?" she asked over the chat box. She wanted to know if they were gonna try the new boss or just wander the filed for awhile, if the latter was the case she might drop out of the party, she didn't really want to level grind today.

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PostSubject: Re: Magical Girl MMORPG    

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Magical Girl MMORPG

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